Life Story: Sunil George

I gave my life to Jesus in college but soon began to live life on my on terms without much regard to God.

After I got married I attended church more out of social obligation than any real conviction. When Arun, whom I knew closely in Bombay, told me they were starting a church here in Kochi, I suddenly felt the emptiness in my life and we decided to join them just to see! Initially, services were at their flat and then we moved to the hall, which was only a quarter of the size it is now and was decidedly drab. The music and worship team comprised of 4 or 5 of us, my very old, and warped and constantly out-of-tune guitar, a second hand keyboard which Priyanka valiantly struggled with and singing that needed mighty miracles to be tuneful.

But our lives changed as I began to draw close to God and asked for his guidance and grace. We experienced an out pouring of God’s blessing in our lives, our marriage and our children. Our flat which had lain unconstructed for 15 years, suddenly sprang back to life. Our younger son Ashish was rebellious, hyperactive and totally uncommunicative. We were very anxious about him but today he has changed into a loving, sensitive and caring child.

All of these were by the power of prayer and the secure knowledge of God’s unfailing love for us.

Annie, my wife was the one who suggested that we should be water baptized and after this step, I have seen her step out and witness in word and deed to friend, neighbors and family in a way that leaves me astonished yet grateful.

Ashwin, our older son came to the Lord and decided to be baptized entirely on his own. My joy of having my son come to God is only exceeded by my relief in knowing that these were decisions taken by him with no coercion on our part.

We’ve seen the church grow, people come and go, but God’s blessing, his grace and his unfailing love are being experienced by all, and will continue to be so. For that is God’s gift to all of his children. We as a family are so glad to be part of Community of Grace.

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