2012 Looking back: Growth

Christmas Day
We are encouraged to see the numbers grow at our church meetings Thevara. At the Sunday 8 am Malayalam meeting we have about 35 to 40. At the 10:30 am English gathering we have about 100 to 110.

The English meeting is filling the hall on the 2nd floor where we presently meet. The bank that had rented the floor below us is vacating the premises. We have taken a decision to rent the floor (area just under 3000 sq ft). That will give us a hall that can take about 200 to 220. It will also give us additional space for children’s ministry which was being conducted in a very cramped up space and also for the growth and expansion of the Kids Joy School. This is a big challenge on our budget. But we believe God is with us in this step of taking additional space.

In October we started a regular Sunday afternoon (4:30 pm) Malayalam meeting about 27 kms (an hours drive) from Kochi at a place called Kolenchery. We gather about 30 to 40 there. Our plan is to plant a church in Kolenchery. In all we gather about 140 to 150. (Some of us attend more than one meeting.)
CoG Kochi Map
Besides these 3 we plan to start a congregation in the ‘other side’ of the city into a new area called Kakkanad. It’s fast growing & developing with booming IT related businesses. We have a few living there as well as a Life Group that gathers there. We are so happy and excited to start this as a weekly Saturday afternoon meeting there from Saturday Feb 2 onwards.

Praise God for his faithfulness in the life of the church.

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