Dr. Michael Eaton at Kochi

Michael Eaton at Kochi
A fantastic opportunity for us to feast on the Word with Dr. Michael Eaton. Michael is a renown Bible scholar and teacher of the Word. He is well-versed in Hebrew and Greek and often times does his morning meditation in these languages. He has a longstanding connection with Westminster Chapel in London and has written scholarly work on the Puritans and on the theology of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Michael studied under well-known Christian leaders such as J.I. Packer, J.A. Motyer and Professor Adrio König, the leading evangelical theologian of South Africa, and has learnt a lot from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Dr. R.T. Kendall, both past ministers of Westminster Chapel, London. Dr. Eaton is from the UK but has pastored and remains heavily involved with the Chrisco Fellowship of Churches in Kenya. Eaton is not only a pastor but a heavy theologian and prolific author.Michael has authored Preaching through the Bible Series and many other books.

Dr.Michael Eaton defines himself not as a preaching writer, but as a writing preacher.
All three days at Jubilee Center. There will be Malayalam translation.

Fri Nov 30th – 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Sat Dec 1st – 9am to 4pm
Sun Dec 2nd – 10 am to 2pm – Combined Sunday Meeting

It’s truly a privilege to have Dr. Eaton with us for 3 days. A word feast indeed!

One thought on “Dr. Michael Eaton at Kochi

  1. Eldrin says:

    I am interested in buying books authored by Michael Eaton.
    1) Preaching through the Bible Series) – 1st and 2nd Samuel
    2) Preaching through the Bible Series) – Ecclesiastes
    3) Preaching through the Bible Series) – 1nd and 2nd Thessolians
    4) Preaching through the Bible Series) – Luke
    5 ) Preaching through the Bible Series) – 1 and 2nd Peter
    6) Preaching through the Bible Series) – 1 and 2 Corinthians
    7) No Condemnation – A Theology of Assurance
    kindly let me know the price of these books and other more books by him. Will be glad if you can made this books available or help to find the same. 2nd hand books in good condition are welcome.
    Thank you

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