2012 Looking back: Life Groups Reaching out

Our Life Groups (small groups/cells) are doing well. Over the last few months, we have felt to focus on serving ‘others’ with an emphasis on being aware and reaching out to the needy around us. This led to 3 reaching-out activities in the last 6 months.

Saturday morning breakfast

One of the LGs prepare 20 packets of food and have been going out on Saturday mornings connecting with and giving food, talking and praying with street people. They have been doing this over the past 4 months and have made friends with a number of them and have even got a chance to pray with some of them.

Tea with the migrant labourers

We have a number of Tamil migrant labourers in our area. They stand out in the street corner waiting to be hired for the day. We served free tea once a week 5 times befriending them. We then invited them to see the Jesus film. About 25 of them came and some of them have been coming to our Malayalam meeting after that.

Vathuruthy Tuition Classes

Another LG was moved to reach out to the neighbouring slum community. They have started tuition classes for children assisting them with their school work.

We look forward to God using these life groups even more in 2013.

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