Life Stories

Sunil George

I gave my life to Jesus in college but soon began to live life on my on terms without much regard to God. After I got married I attended church more out of social obligation than any real conviction. When Arun, whom I knew closely in Bombay, told me they were starting a church here in Kochi, I suddenly felt the emptiness in my life and we decided to join them just to see… Read more


Abechi Igbadi from Nigeria

Being Nigerian, when I arrived in India, I thought that it would be a lonely life. But after some days I was invited to the church by God’s divine arrangement. From that day onwards, the church received me whole heartedly. The people were caring and helped me with food and transport. Their love for me was evident. They took me into their lives and I became part of them. The other Nigerians that came here experienced a “cultural shock” and as a result they were under high stress. Some of them took solace in smoking and drinking to reduce their stress. But for me…Read more