Lost & found!

Sunday December 18 was a full day. Christmas outreach followed by baptisms, coffee with friends – returned home in the evening to find my wallet missing. Went back to the car and made a thorough search. No joy. I am beginning to panic. Tracing our steps back, it was possible that it had dropped it outside a mega-shop where we had stopped briefly. I rush back to that spot – on my knees looking under parked cars, asked around the busy road with little hope. I draw a blank and begin to work out what all has to be done to replace my driving licence, cancel the credit & debit cards …
Come back home very disappointed & upset to find Joy Ann on the phone. An auto rickshaw driver had found the wallet in the very spot we thought we had lost it and taken it to the police station which was about 3 kms away. He then found the address on my driving licence and came all the way to our old house. A neighbour from there called and told Joy Ann about the man and the wallet he had found. In the meanwhile the police station also called to inform us that they had this wallet. The auto rickshaw driver waits for me and then accompanies me to the police station and I am re-united with my lost wallet! Amazing! God is good and hears us as we call out to him. Driving back with the auto driver I had opportunity to share the gospel with him.
When I shared this story with my friend Santhosh over dinner that night, he said, in heaven’s perspective the driver hearing the gospel was more important than me finding the wallet. Very true.
The evening incident was just an icing on the cake for the day. At the Christmas outreach meeting we had that Sunday morning, we had a packed hall with just under 170 of which 65 were non Christian guests. After the celebration lunch we baptised 4 in our building swimming pool. Joy Ann also had time with another 15 year old hungry for God and keen to be baptised. What a brilliant day enjoying the favour of God and proclaiming it!

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