2012 Looking Back: Kids Joy Nursery and Kindergarten

God’s been good to us and we want to share with you some of the happenings in our life over the past year.


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In October 2011, we as a church started a pre-school. Joy Ann Philip is the one behind it and she has a great team of ladies with her. Today we have 23 kids of whom 4 are from church families. We are very happy that this has been a good bridge into the community for the church. We’ve had a number of events where we’ve had the parents over and have had some excellent opportunities to share godly values with them. We began this academic year with the launch of junior and senior kindergarten, along with nursery and playgroup. At the school, we try and ensure a friendly atmosphere which fosters learning and makes it an enjoyable experience for both the child and the teacher. Being aware that each child is different with different gifts and abilities, we discourage comparative grading.The parents speak well of the school and it is getting well known in the community we live in. The school is also providing employment to some of the ladies in the church. The school is now financially self-sustaining & we’re looking for it to grow and expand. Visit our facebook page to know more about us and the latest happenings.

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